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What Is The Penalty For Passing Bad Checks In New York?

Most people will inevitably make a mistake and pass a bad check at some point in life.  You can avoid this by maintaining a transaction register and not relying on “bank float” to cover the check while you anticipate another check to clear.  Repeated passing of bad checks will raise the suspicion of authorities and is against the law.

Criminals pass multiple bad checks with the intent to defraud the recipient, usually using the check to obtain something of value.  Although some states make distinction between those that pass a bad check “with intent to defraud,” other states will regard such actions as misdemeanor.

Persistently passing bad checks may lead to penalties as high as a felony, depending on the laws of your state.  State laws also allow for civil remedies for those that have received a bad check.  Every state has a different civil law and New York’s law allows “face value of check, plus two times amount of check up to $750” to be collected from the writer of the check.

The criminal penalty for passing a bad check in New York State may involve jail time and you may be forced to pay double the value of the bad check.  If you have been investigated for passing bad checks in New York, you will want to speak with a New York criminal defense lawyer.

Mounting a legal defense can prevent you from receiving a criminal record of impacting your credit worthiness.

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