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What Are the Consequences of Harboring A Federal Fugitive From Justice?

Under 18 U.S.C. Section 1071, it’s a federal crime to conceal or harbor criminals from justice. Harboring anyone for whom an arrest warrant has been issued by a federal judge may be facing federal prosecution.

In all Section 1071 prosecutions, the government must prove the following four elements to find the defendant guilty of harboring a fugitive:

–       Federal warrant has been issues for the fugitives arrest;

–       the defendant knew that a warrant was issues for the fugitives arrest;

–        the defendant harbored and concealed the fugitive;

–       the defendant intended to prevent the fugitive’s discovery or arrest.

Penalties for harboring a federal fugitive could be up to a year of imprisonment. However, if the arrest warrant was issued on a felony charge, the person harboring the fugitive maybe facing the maximum sentence of five years in federal prison.

If you live in New York City or New Jersey and are being charges with harboring a fugitive, call our offices for a professional legal advice at (212) 577 6677.

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