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In this section of our website, we have answered hundreds and hundreds of questions our clients have asked us over the years. Instead of looking all over the Internet for an answer to a question you have about an arrest or investigation in New York City, spend 10 seconds and see if we have answered it here. Here’s how to find your answer….

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Sometimes it seems like there are so many ways for kids to get in trouble today, especially kids with unique gifts when it comes to computers.

Hacking into government computer systems is a violation of federal law, and the penalties can be exorbitant depending on the activity itself.

While it is a crime simply to access government computers without authorization, it is also against federal law to use certain devices and codes to gain unlawful entry into computer systems.

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What Are The Penalties For Assault In New York City?

New York prosecutes assault at three levels, two of which are felonies.

For the lowest level assault, Assault in the Third Degree, you will face a misdemeanor conviction with a maximum penalty of one year in prison.

At this level, it is relatively easy to develop alternative sentencing strategies, negotiate lesser charges, or even beat the charge with claims of self-defense or similar.

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Social Security fraud crimes include a variety of acts that cause an individual to receive money to which they are not entitled.

This may include filing a false claim based on medical evidence that is falsified or exaggerated, continuing to receive payments even though you have become well enough to work, and failing to notify the Social Security Administration of the death of a relative in order to receive and fraudulently cash their checks.

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What’s The Penalty For Armed Robbery In New York City?

When we talk about armed robbery in New York, we are usually discussing the classic scenario of a person with a gun demanding money or valuables from a store clerk, a bank teller, or a person on the street.

This type of crime, the forcible appropriation of another person’s property under the threat of deadly force, is charged by the State of New York as Robbery in the First Degree, and carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in state prison.

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Yes, if you’re arrested on a domestic violence charge in New York City, a temporary order of protection will be one condition of your release from jail.

This order will be in effect until a hearing can be scheduled, sometimes as long as several weeks later.

This can cause big problems in your life by preventing you from going home, seeing or talking to your spouse or significant other, or visiting with your children.

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Technically, yes, you may have committed tax fraud or evasion when you portrayed your income inaccurately in order to receive larger subsidies for health insurance.

If your application triggered an audit, it’s likely that you have a history of providing the IRS with filings that contain “red flags,” but it’s also possible that your number simply came up and the two aren’t related. Still, caution is called for.

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What’s The Penalty For Bank robbery in New York City?

Robbing a bank in New York City is absolutely illegal, but it won’t be the State of New York who prosecutes you for it.

Because deposit accounts in American banks are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, it’s the FBI that has jurisdiction in bank robbery cases.

Federal penalties for bank robbery can carry a sentence of up to 20 years for each count, with enormous fines as part of the sentence.

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What Are The Penalties For Cocaine Possession In New York?

Like other drug offenses, the severity of the charge for possession of cocaine is directly related to the quantity of the substance you are alleged to have possessed.

Unlike many other drugs, the quantities involved in cocaine possession charges start at truly miniscule levels.

Possession of less than 500mg of cocaine is a Class A Misdemeanor that carries a sentence of up to one year and a $1000 fine.

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No, it is a violation of federal law to fill a prescription that was written by a “cyberdoc” who has not properly evaluated a patient.

While investigators rarely target consumers who receive prescription drugs from online pharmacies or overseas pharmacies, purchasing large amounts of drugs through foreign online sources and/or without a valid prescription can result in involvement by various federal law enforcement entities, and even charges of drug trafficking, importation, and more.

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What Are The Penalties For Shoplifting In New York?

Shoplifting is a theft crime, and penalties for shoplifting increase based on the value of the goods you are alleged to have stolen.

There are also a variety of charges that may be leveled, from Criminal Possession of Stolen Property, to Petit Larceny, to Grand Larceny.

Regardless of the value of the goods in question, you will be charged with at least an A Misdemeanor, carrying a potential sentence of one year in jail, a $1000 fine, restitution to the victim, and a lifelong record of criminal conviction.

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