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How To Use This Section Of Our Website

In this section of our website, we have answered hundreds and hundreds of questions our clients have asked us over the years. Instead of looking all over the Internet for an answer to a question you have about an arrest or investigation in New York City, spend 10 seconds and see if we have answered it here. Here’s how to find your answer….

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Represented a defendant in Brooklyn federal court who was charged with violent extortion of a business owner.

Successfully represented a mortgage broker accused of participating in a massive straw buyer and flipping real estate scheme, securing a sentence of probation.

Our client was facing years in prison but we successfully negotiated a plea deal with the term of probation.

We negotiated a favorable plea deal with charges reduced to a misdemeanor and the client was sentenced to probation.

The client was facing 6 years in prison but was sentenced to 2 years.

No charges were filed and the case was resolved administratively.

The case was resolved without criminal charged filed.

We also represent Medicaid providers in administrative actions taken by the Office of Medicaid Inspector General. In a recent case on appeal we convinced the OMIG to reverse its decision to exclude our client, a healthcare provider, from participating in New York Medicaid Program.

Is it tempting to destroy your accounting records and supporting documents when you are being investigated for securities fraud? You bet. Physical evidence such as accounting records is probably one of the most crucial evidence available to legal enforcement in white-collar crime cases. It is also, the first thing the investigator will seek out in a securities fraud investigation.

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After meeting with prosecutors, we convinced them to send the cases back to the HRA for a civil resolution.